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Who we are...

Founded in late 2020, nycrypto is a company with a mission - to remove one of the most ubiquitous obstacles of participation in the decentralized world, and open the doors to safe, easy, long-term adoption of DeFi and the Metaverse.

At nycrypto, we believe that that obstacle is a lack of unified access to reliable, unbiased, and comprehensive technology. From blockchains, to cryptocurrencies, to decentralized finance, and the Metaverse, the crypto space is a complicated one.

Through nycrypto’s array of products, services, and content, we aim to simplify the decentralized experience by giving users the knowledge and tools they need to successfully mitigate risk while enjoying the unique technologies and endless opportunities of the cryptoverse.

As the decentralized community grows, our vision is to grow with it by becoming the most trusted name in this space, giving users of all levels the products and resources they need to enjoy this new frontier and navigate it with confidence.

Our Products

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DeFi and The Metaverse, Simplified...

Tidus Wallet is your fully decentralized gateway to DeFi and The Metaverse, with instant access to multiple blockchains and educational features you won’t find anywhere else. Navigate the crypto ecosystem securely and confidently with Tidus Wallet as your guide.

  • Store, send, swap, and stake in an elegant, user-friendly interface
  • Enjoy all-in-one, instant access to multiple blockchains and the most trusted dApps
  • Learn as you navigate DeFi and The Metaverse simply and safely
  • Transfer, track, and view NFTs and collectibles
  • Take advantage of leading security and privacy focused features
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Let your Intuition guide you...

Test your predictive capacity against the world, prove yourself Prognosticator Supreme

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