The Half Dead

The Half Dead Collection

This collection was created by Dan Yatsinko, inspired by the delicate balance between life and death. Half Dead is a collection of 6,666 randomly generated, unique artworks encoded on the Solana blockchain.


The Half Dead Collection

Origin Story

On top of a hill, in the far corner of town lived an old inventor. His enormous house looked as if it was once alive but now beginning to slowly decompose from the inside out. He had no real friends, or family and the towns people hated him. None of which had a real reason to, in reality they just didn’t understand him . He was unique… One of a kind… a rarity. They thought he was weird and treated him like a complete outsider even though he lived there for over 50 years. One dark night, under a blood red moon he decided to make his own friends and family. However, what he created was not fully alive, but rather half dead. More comparable to a zombie pet - far from a human companion - but the inventor didn’t care! He had friends…. FINALLY! These friends may be the embodiment of pure evil but they love and protect him…. No one else gets the inventor like they do, because they are living extensions of him. Still to this day they follow his lead and do whatever he says…. which sometimes means wreaking havoc on the unsuspecting towns people.


The Creator

Danimal Lector is a Connecticut based artist whose focus for the past 20+ years was strictly music production and scoring. Dan - who is completely self taught - dove head first into graphic design 5 years ago in an attempt to get out of the corporate 9-5 rat race. He is now the lead designer at a tech company called GoNation where his main job is to brand new and existing companies. The Half Dead world is the culmination of all of Dan’s passions - horror, graphics, music, animation/videos and sound design! You can check out some of his music here….

The Half Dead Collection

Half Dead yellow belly
Half Dead black bear
Half Dead axe bear

Holder Rewards and Timeline

Half Dead Digital Animated Series (January 2022)

  • Weekly Animated YouTube Series where select Community members can be selected to be involved in the animation

    • Your Half-Dead can appear in an episode
    • Chance to voice your half-dead character

Metaverse Community (Starting February 2022)

  • We have acquired Tower DAO Residence #384-12   (Learn more about TowerDao
  • We will run community giveaways, contests, and release new Half Dead NFT items through our Residence.
  • Half Dead Residence Team - Team up with other Half Dead Holders to play and earn in the Tower DAO P2E Infinity Game. (Learn more about the game

Community Royalties   (Starting March 2022)

  • %50 of The Half-Dead Digital YouTube Ad Revenue will be distributed to NFT Holders monthly via the community wallet. 
  • %50 of Trade Volume Royalties will be Distributed to NFT Holders monthly via the community wallet

Half Dead Merch (April 2022)

  • We will be adding a Merch store to our website with Half Dead Gear
  • Holders will be able to add their personal Half Dead to their Merch for purchase
  • Holders will have access to numbered  limited edition gear drops

Claimable Audio (April 2022)

  • At the end of each Animated Season, we will release limited claimable audio items from the episodes

    • These clips can be sound effects, music, instrumentals, celebrity voice overs and more!

3D Half Dead Items (Renders Airdropped Summer 2022)

  • All  Holders will be able to Claim 3D Render files of their Half Dead NFT
  • Select Holder will receive a physical 3D Print of their Half Dead Digital

Half Dead Celebs

The Half-Dead Celebs Honorary Collection are (12) 1of1 NFTs that are a part of the Half-Dead Universe. We have revealed the 1st 6 Half Dead Celebs and will be rolling all 12 out over the next few months. We have big plans to incorporate these Celebs into the Half Dead  Universe more to come!

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